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Nearby Attractions

Brehec Beach


The main attractions of our place is, of course a small harbour and huge sandy beach is just 100 metres down the stairs from our residence. Only 109 steps down you are on the beach... In a strong tide the beach is really huge. The width of the beach approximately 1 kilometer. When the water goes down, it opens about 400 meters of sand...

Saint Loup  XVI


2,3 km

Noe Verte   XV  


3.9 km

Plage Bonaparte  


6.0 km

Chapelle Kermaria  XIII


6.5 km


6.7 km

Gwin Zegal

9.3 km



12.0 km

ZooParc de Trégomeur  

20.5 km

Parc du Radôme

- Village Gaulois  

- Planétarium de Bretagne

- Cité des télécoms


56.0 km

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